CRAU Mining has undertaken as large-scale market analysis of the more than 18 gem mines in Ethiopia to evaluate the gemological potential and develop a business plan for the country’s gemstones, with special emphasis on sapphires, emeralds, opals and rubies.

Through the offices of another company, Crau Mining has solicited an emerald mining concession in the Kanticha district, origin of the gemstones certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Ethiopia has more than one million independent miners. Our vision is to integrate the value chain in Ethiopia through the creation of a premier Gemological Institute and a precision gem workshop. Through these efforts, the exportation of stones cut and certified by the Institute will maximize the added value to these products above the current practice of exporting uncut stones, thus benefiting all the stakeholders and ensuring the sustainability of the project.

Our business model seeks a strong alignment of interests of all parties in the value chain:

  • Mining of gemstones through a joint venture with the independent miners’ cooperatives;
  • Precision workshop for cutting gems
  • Certification
  • Sale of cut and certified gemstones
  • Design and manufacture of jewelry
  • Sale of jewelry through the creation of an African brand of jewelry with its headquarters in the capital of Africa: Addis Abeba