CRAU Industrial

Crau Industrial Has identified areas where competition is non-existent or is offering a series of low quality products and services.

The first area is the wooden furniture industry.

Due to the great real estate growth of the last decade of the demand for furniture has soared.

The 10th Growth Master Plan of the capital, Addis Ababa, has been launched. It is expected that the rural exodus, the return to their country of origin of citizens who currently reside in the USA. and E.U. and the expatriation of staff by foreign companies , will contribute to the growth of quality in 5 million people in the next 10 years. About 400,000 new homes are being built in the city. All with a great increase in the demand for wooden furniture.

Currently there are only 6 companies dedicated to the manufacture or import of wooden furniture with some industrial capacity.

There are about 200 SME´s dedicated to the manufacture of wooden furniture distributed throughout the country. But these make a very handmade manufacture.

Some of the 6 most important companies, produce products of very low quality. With outdated designs or imported from European, what forced them to sell it  at an extremely high price.

Crau Industrial has been working for several months in the establishment of a factory of wooden furniture that offers Europen quality products manufactured in the country.
We have identified the sector of the population that demands this type of furniture and we are already working on the conditioning of the warehouse that will house the factory.

As for the raw materials, we will have woods and metallic structures of first quality. Both, the technicians and the commercials teams will be formed by local staff who will have previously received an European training. As for the technical and project manager we have experienced Spaniards in the sector.

The second area in which Crau Industrial is working is the galvanization. Ethiopia has a major problem arising from the non-galvanizing of its metal structures.

This affects various products such as road signs, street lighting, metal structures used in construction, storage tanks, etc. All these products are or will be in bad condition and should be replaced in a short period of time, which will lead to greater expense.

Galvanization is a process prior to the paint application. This process is common in any European country, because it has been shown, that extends metal products life.

Crau Industrial offers the country a solution to its problem of galvanization that will allow it to galvanize all types of metal structures in a very simple and economic way